Fatal error undefined function is_network_admin()

Fatal error undefined function is_network_admin()

“Fatal error undefined function is_network_admin()”.Well, you don’t need to worry more, as the issues can be resolved easily. You have to just follow some steps mentioned in this article.

Let’s first understand, what this fatal error is & why it occurs.

Everyone wants their WordPress site to be upgraded to the latest version. After upgrading WordPress, sometimes they get a fatal error “Call to undefined function require_wp_db()” message.


Why WordPress Error Fatal error undefined function is_network_admin() occurs?

The main reason for the occurrence of this fatal error is due to failed WordPress update. When Auto Update of the WordPress is failed then the undefined function is_network_admin() WordPress Error will arise. If you are trying to update your WordPress manually but the update is failed then also this fatal error will arise.

Due to this error, you need to update your WordPress manually. The step by step process for manual WordPress update is provided here.

Manual Update:-

The Fatal error undefined function is_network_admin() is mainly caused by a failed WordPress version upgrade. So for solving it try a manual update.

  • After that backup your WordPress for data security.
  • Rename WP-includesto WP-includes.bak and WP-admin directories to wp-admin.bak using FileZilla.
  • Using FTP, upload the WP-includesand WP-admin directories from unzipped folder to your web host.
  • Next, upload your files from new WP-contentto your existing WP-content From the root directory to your existing WordPress root directory upload the new version of the rest files. Using FTP remove .maintenance at your WordPress directory.
  • Login to WordPress admin and you will see a below-given link to URL like “http://domain.com/wordpress/wp-admin/upgrade.php”.
  • Just follow the link and instructions.
  • At last clear your cache to see the changes if you have caching enabled.